June 23, 2010

Storage Solution: Bed Risers

I bought these bed risers on clearance from Target a while ago. They have just been sitting around collecting dust, so I decided to do something about it! I said something to Michael about wanting to do it and he said he would come and help me in 5 minutes.  I waited for maybe a minute and decided I didn't need his help. I slowly lifted each leg of the bed up and put a riser underneath.  Instant Storage- but then I looked and it looked like a college dorm room where you are trying to cram every bit of storage in for 2 people sharing a room! This was another quick fix! I went back to Target and got a solid brown bed skirt. Threw this on and it looks much better! Now we are able to store some of our clothes that are out of season but we still may need (okay, maybe just mine, but I've put some light sweaters, etc in there!)

Do you have any storage solutions that are as simple as this?

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