June 21, 2010

Not an ordinary weekend!

This weekend, my good friend Miranda and I drove up to Washington DC to visit another friend, Meredith, and to see the Brooks and Dunn concert. 

About 20 minutes before we were leaving, we found out the concert was postponed due to one of the band members being sick :( AND I found out my AC in the X-Terra broke... yes the AC we just had worked on the week before! We decided to go up and enjoy our girls weekend away anyways.  We were about 30 minutes outside of Lynchburg when the car in front of me pulled off to the side, let me pass, and then came back into the lane right behind me. Then turned on his wonderful blue lights.  I ended up getting 2 tickets- one for speeding, and one for the registration being expired. 

This truck passed by and we had to take a picture... it was our motto for the day for sure!

We finally arrived safely and decided if since we weren't going to the concert we instead would go do all the fun tourist activities. 

Me and Meredith in front of the Washington Monument

Let me tell you... It was so stinkin' hot this past weekend! After walking all the way around the monument we made our way over to the World War II Memorial. 

It was, in fact, so hot, that we sat down and put our feet in the water.  It was a much needed cool-down break. 

We walked past the reflection pool, and into the Lincoln Memorial.  I kept complaining that I wanted an elevator, but my friends said I was ridiculous. 

Miranda and I with Abe

On the way back down the steps... we found this sign!

We then decided to take a break from the heat and looked around in the National Museum of American History! Some really neat things in here! We took a nice long walk through the First Lady's inaugural dress exhibit.  So neat to see what those women have worn!

We walked through the Butterfly Gardens:

There were so many fountains around DC, we loved taking breaks from the heat and sticking our feet in!

For dinner, we drove over to one of our favorites:

Then to wrap things up, Some Amazing Italian Ice :)

It was such a fun weekend! We are going back in August for the actual concert!

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