June 13, 2010

Cool Running and Running and running

It's really warming up here, and we found out that our AC unit would just run and run and run.  It was getting really cold in the house, but once it hit the temperature, it would keep running.  While brainstorming we had a couple of options- we could get someone out here to check it all out- but that would mean spending some big bucks! We decided to try a new thermastat, that maybe our old one wasn't registering the correct temparatures. 

We picked our thermastat out from Lowes, and Michael decided on our specific one, which is a Hunter Energy Saver for mainly one reason- when it's turned onto cold it turns blue, when it's warm, it turns red

It makes the wall look a lot more updated as well! Have you made any simple tweaks to fix something you thought may be a big problem?

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