March 30, 2010

Winter Wedding Shower

I attended Stephanie's wedding shower in Michigan in January.  We had a blast, and her family decorated it so wonderfully- I thought I would share some of their wonderful ideas!

The tables were decorated with a few different elements.  Mirrors were placed in the center, and then the clear vases were put on top.  The vases were filled with different shaped silver and gold pieces.  Some of which contained decorative balls, pine cones, and acorns.  The sticks were bought both straight and curly and then stuck into the vases themselves.  Votives were put around the centerpieces, along with the sprinkles of different sized rocks, pearls, and fake diamonds.  

The pictures were 3 frames that were glued together, and candles were inside to look like their engagement pictures were glowing.  (They also used some of these at the wedding cocktail hour!)

The favors were placed into these beautiful silver purses that were hand crafted.  The napkins were folded like bows, and the ties are just a pearl bracelet that is wrapped around twice. 

The cake table.  The family had collected the bridal veils from family members.  The cake was so pretty.  We also put the decorative stones on this table. 

The head table was decorated with the practice bouquets for the wedding. The actual flowers at the wedding contained no yellow.

Here's me with the beautiful Bride-to-Be! Their family and friends were so generous and they got SO many gifts! Stephanie and Nick's wedding was this past weekend.  It was beautiful! I'll post pictures of that shortly! 

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