February 25, 2010

Thursday's random mumblings...

Happy Thursday! It's Grey's and Private Practice night :) That's right... I get excited because of what's on tv for the night.  My favorite evenings are Sundays (Brothers and Sisters) Mondays (The Bachelor!) and Thursdays (Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice)! I like a ton of other shows too, but those I try to fit in while I'm doing the dishes, or cleaning up.  The perks of having a laptop- and Hulu! 

It snowed a little, AGAIN this week.  I am SO ready for Spring.  I've hit that blah where I don't want to wear winter clothes anymore, I have no desire to put anything cute together, so I just end up throwing something on after trying on a million things.  I feel like every fall we forget how awful winter really is, because of the holidays, but then after they are over... the cold stays. and stays. and stays.  You would think it would get the hint that it's overstaying it's welcome.  Winter, I'm just going to say it- you are no longer wanted here! 

We finally bought our new bedding- from Target, which made me pretty nervous due to their awful return policy.  (Remind me to tell you the tie story... well, the edited version!) Anyways, back to the bedding.  I saw it about a month ago, and loved it.  But didn't buy it.  So I waited, and I stalked it online, and every time I went to Target (so what if that's a few times a week!) I broke down, okay truth- I finally complained about our old one enough until Michael said i could go buy it! I went right when I got off work, then walked down the other aisles for accessories I can start picking up to match it.  I bought a little throw blanket and a pillow, but didn't let myself buy anything else.  I want to get striped sheets to go with it, and a teal vase, plus about a million other little things! I'll have to charge up my camera and take some pictures for you! I finally feel like the house is starting to come together.  We still have a long ways to go, but I'm loving that our hard work is finally paying off!

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