January 08, 2010

Christmas Blessings!

I know, we are a bit behind, but I thought I would share our wonderful Christmas we had with both of our families! We are very lucky to have parents who live so close to each other, and we are able to split holiday time up very equally!  We both had to work December 23rd, and planned on leaving as soon as we got off of work, which was 6pm.  My job let us go at 1pm instead (yay!) so I was able to get some Christmas shopping done that I had missed out on from snowstorm we had that weekend.  (It's Virginia, everything shuts down with snow on the ground!) I had the car all packed and we headed home as soon as Michael got done.  We got home around 10:00 and spent the night with the Eiban's.  The next morning, Christmas Eve, we got up super early to go to Williamsburg's Prime Outlets.  We spent all morning and afternoon getting our last minute Christmas presents.  I ended up wrapping all the presents up in the back of the car with a pair of medical sissors found in our car's first aid kit!

We got home and Christmas Eve began with the Eiban family.  Michael's brothers and sisters with their families came over for a delicious dinner and present opening.  Everyone got some awesome stuff, and we are so thankful for what we got!

A super comfortable mattress pad! Our mattress is pretty old, as it is a hand-me-down, like all of our furniture, so this was such a blessing to be able to sleep better! We both love it, maybe I should say all 4 of us love it becuase Latte' and Linus try to lay down on it any chance they get!

Michael loves this... His parents also got us a flat-screen tv.  I don't know all the technical stuff for it, but it helped our living room look so much less cluttered and open just by getting rid of the clunky tv!
After Michael's parents, we went to my parents house for our Christmas traditions.  We each get to open 1 present.  I always get a new set of pjamas and Justin usually opens up a movie or a game, because he's too excited for Christmas to sleep.  Here's me and Michael in our new pj's...  (don't mind my brother's head, he loves to ruin pictures!)

The next mornign we get up to see what Santa brought us.  Unfortunately, Santa brought all the guys these lovely things...

They wore those all day! So gross! Please ignore my no make-up, you have woken me up waaaay to early look here!

Santa was good to us, lot's of clothes and decoration stuff for the house! Our best presents from both sets of parents are...

Yes, we got a washer and a dryer! This may seem like a crazy present to some of you guys, but we have been living without a washer or a dryer for a year and a half! Yes, we have been doing laundry at our friends homes, and expensive laundry mats! We were so excited to get these babies, and we put them right to work!

I got Michael some clothes that he needed for work, and then some movies, and his favorite gift was the controller he needed for his X-box 360.  He's been playing his new games every chance he gets. 

Michael got me a new red coat, some clothes, and an AmazonKindle.  I am so in love with it! (And Michael too!)

We had a great Christmas, but it really did not last long enough! We hate that we never have time to catch up with all the people we want to see when we go home.  What did you guys get for Christmas? Anything better than our washer and dryer? Nope? Didn't think so!

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