January 09, 2010

5 Lowe's trips later...

Time for another before and after shoot! We have been dreading working on our dining room since we found this...

Yes, a room we thought was just painted pink with a lovely (and by lovely I mean hideous) border.  I started peeling the border off and the pink paint started coming off too.  I kept pulling until I realized the wallpaper was painted pink! It was here that I decided I didn't want to deal with this room for a while.  And the progress stopped right there.  We painted all the other rooms in the house, and got all moved in,and this room remained to be pink with one corner of wallpaper peeling off. 

New Years weekend we had some days off, so we decided to tackle this project.  First we started by peeling all the wall paper off, until the room looked like this:

We then primed the walls, twice to cover the glue.  I know some of you are cringing right now at the fact that we just painted and didn't do any other work.  The texture left on the walls from the glue was so cool, that we decided to see what it would look like if we painted it and skipped all the hard work! Here's a picture of all the walls primed, and the trim painted white.  Looking better already!

I picked out a tan color from Lowes, and got to work painting the corners and edges.  Michael walked through the front door, stopped, had this disguisted look on his face and asked "do you like this color?"  The tan somehow had turned pinkish on the walls. PINK! This poor house has seen enough pink in it's days! So, once again we were off to Lowes.  We found the brown from our living room and decided to paint the walls 2 shades lighter on the top.  We had the brown paint left over from the living room already.  I'm sure you are ready for an after picture, but first, can we see what we started with?

Don't you just love the border, the pink walls, and the rug?! Here's what the room looks like now!

We love it! It really helps complete the house! You walk in the front door and see two rooms that actually look like they belong together! What do you guys think?

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